I've always wanted to "learn" how to meditate (yes, some people need guidance on how to meditate), so I figured why not give this a try. Since I was able to complete a 30-day cleanse successfully, I figured a 21-day meditation practice would be a piece of delicious cake.

Oddly enough, there were days sitting down to meditate proved more difficult than embracing gluten free everything. So, I'm proud to say I'm now on Day 19, and although I'm a bit behind schedule since yesterday was Day 21, I feel pretty darn proud I've stuck to it.

Is Deepak's meditation series helping my quest to be Om so Zen (sorry, couldn't resist)? It's a resounding and relaxing yes. Here are five reasons why you might want to take this 21-day meditation deal for a test drive.


1. It’s a good way to start a meditation practice.

Like I mentioned above, I've always wanted to learn the proper way to meditate and this has been a helpful introduction. Although I know there's really no wrong way to sit still and try to silence your mind, it's nice to have detailed guidance. One warning though, these meditations last about 15-20 minutes each, so listen to Deepak when he says to find a comfortable sitting position, or else you'll be thinking more about an aching bootie than a relaxing mind. 

2. Let the master guide you.

Deepak Chopra is dope. He really is. If you're going to start meditating, why not start with guidance from one of the most respected men in the transcendental meditation and alternative medicine fields? Also, his voice is super soothing. It's so soothing, it almost feels like it's massaging your ears. No one should say no to their auditory senses getting free daily spa treatments. No one.

3. Oprah said so.

“So if Oprah told you to jump off the bridge…” – yeah, yeah, I can already hear your mocking words. Oprah does the intro to all the daily meditations and sort of acts as Deepak's hype woman. Though some folks may not like hearing her (all 7 of you out there), I don't mind her intros at all. Although she's not telling me I just got a free Pontiac, her summary of the theme for the day's meditation is a good way to start the show.

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4. It’s a crazy world out quiet your mind.

I don't really need to get into how crazy the last few months have been, right? I mean, this would be a really long(er) post if I had to go over every ridiculous and disappointing thing we've all been witness to lately. In a world that seems to be going through an existential crisis, meditation can do wonders for your sanity, psyche and overall self-care.

And yes, I also understand that there are folks who have it worst out in the world who don't have the luxury to sit down for a 15-minute meditation to help them. Yeah, I get that, my lovebugs. That's why you should be grateful that you have the good fortune to be able to do so. 


5. 21 days can change your life...maybe?

Well, I'm not sure about this one but I do know that 30 days changed my health and so far, these 19 days of mediation have been mind altering. Not 'shroom-induced mind altering, but I can feel the subtle positive effects it has had on me, including being more relaxed and focused. There are studies that state it takes 21 days to change a habit (or start a new one). I can't tell you one way or the other if that's the case, but I do think even changing something for one day could make a difference. So imagine what 21 days can do, right?

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Deepak Chopra and company offer these 21-Day Mediation challenges for free every few months, but you can purchase them on their website. As for me, since I'm two days away from completing this challenge, I'll have to find other (free)meditating "partners" so I can continue clearing my big 'ole head.

(Please note I'm not getting paid to review this, although I would never say no to a desired monetary gift if it was written in my destiny. Yes, ladies and gents, humor never ends here.)

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